Our Team

Virtual Alchemy was established in Warsaw, Poland and is led by visionary and passionate developers Dominik Sypnicki and Kamil Mickiewicz combining more than 20 years of relevant experience. The studio consists of 10 members cooperating closely with a lot of knowledge-sharing and teamplay spirit in between. Despite our big love for games and their development, we do encourage a proper work-life balance, knowing that it is the foundation upon which great developers and games are built.

Our Games

We aim to offer vast player-freedom propelled by creating systems-driven environments that provide gameplay opportunities around every corner, coupled with an art style that is both unique and beautiful at the same time.

Our Path

We want to push the boundaries of indie game development while de-risking the usual executional problems, through attaching proper weight to the conceptual phase, as well as deliberate production planning and the use of smart tech solutions wherever possible.

Our Growth

We do have great ambitions and we want to make sure that we achieve them, by continuously improving our organizational standards, development procedures and most importantly: support and assist each team member in their personal growth.


1350 A.D. – Europe has fallen, the Templars are gone and Hell is here.

Project Morning Star is a strategy RPG merging party management and combat. You are the leader of a small order of crusaders that is traveling across Europe during the dark ages. Your primary goal? You set it yourself. Become a robberking notorious for your brutality or be the virtuous savior taking the fight to the demons. Beware though, the inhabitants of this world will remember your deeds.

Campaign Map - A Simulated Medieval World

Journey with your group of followers through Europe, which is inhabited by all sorts of characters, factions and locations that you may interact with. Recruit new crusaders at towns, trade with the local blacksmith or escort a trader to a nearby village…it is up to you. But be careful, the devils are hungry and they devour the lands bit by bit if not halted.

Camp - Your Men, Your Responsibility

Your sanctuarium and loyal companion, following you wherever you go. In your camp you distribute resources and manage individual fighters, each with his own needs and desires. Keeping the morale high is paramount, as a troubled mind is deadlier than any sword. Use the blacksmith to improve your camp’s gear or flatten dents of the last fight. Treat your wounded in the laecehus or read them their last rites. Train them in the yard making them a master at a weapon or a fighter versatile with many. Though your camp is small, its impact is big.

Missions - Cracking Bones, Spilling Blood

Prove your champions by sending them onto dangerous missions set in painterly 3D environments where you can never be sure who or what they will meet. Most often, they will engage in bloody tactical battles (with a sprinkle of action), where both positioning and gear play a vital role in determining the victor. Investing a lot of time into historical research, Project Morning Star offers tons of armor and weaponry, which are grounded in equipment known from this period, increasing the immersion of a believable medieval world.


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